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Top ten easiest college majors

Top ten easiest college majors

Although all college degrees require hard work, there are some majors that may require fewer long nights in the lab or library. After all, the easier it is to get through your major, the faster you may be on your way to doing what you love. Best Colleges put together a list of the top ten easiest college majors based on GPA:

1. Education
This is a career that provides many external rewards. There are a wide range of specialties that future teachers can choose to focus on, like special education or a certain subject matter. Students studying education must pass classes in reading, writing, communication skills and education policy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4.5 million teachers held jobs in 2008. The United States Department of Labor expects the field to grow by 13 percent over the next decade.

2. Language
A language degree could mean studying (and future fluency) in a language such as Spanish, Chinese, French, German or Italian. Career options can range from a foreign language teacher to a translator or foreign travel advisor. When majoring in language, students can expect to study the history of the language, memorize information, understand grammar and vocabulary and read and write articulately.

3. English
As expected, this degree requires a lot of reading and writing. During time crunches, the internet usually comes to the rescue with compacted versions and analyses of classic books. English majors have a variety of career paths they could take. Some potential careers include publishing, copywriting, public relations, teaching, technical writing and proofreading. However, if students' strengths don't lie in reading and writing, this may not be as easy of a degree as originally thought.

4. Music
Students wishing to major in music usually have a strong passion to play, teach or be involved with music in some way on a professional level. Some opt to perform music themselves while others opt to teach. Courses of study can range from music theory to music history as well as basic music classes covering scales, intervals and general music terms. If students have a special knack for music, this major may come easier than others.

5. Religion
In a religion major, students will delve into a field which explores the religious traditions of humans from the standpoint of a theorist. They seek to understand these traditions and how they came about as well as how the affect society and the culture they are a part of. Those who major in religion tend to have higher test scores on standardized tests and require a great deal of critical thinking, according to NC State's University Career Center. Possible careers in this field include a church administrator or a writer/editor of a religious publication.

6. Sociology and Anthropology
Sociology and anthropology focus on the study of humans, social institutions and culture. Sociology is the study of humans and how they interact with others while anthropology looks into humankind from its beginnings to its present. There are a wide array of potential jobs students could look into after graduation like counselors, administrators, teachers and researchers.

7. Art
This diverse major covers a wide array of specialties. Students who have a passion for drawing, painting, design or photography are best fit for careers in these fields. Courses in this major can range from art history to sculpture, graphic design, ceramics and visual arts. Rather than memorizing formulas or writing research papers, this field is largely based on creativity. Some careers include graphic designers, curators, photographers, producers and directors.

8. History
There is a lot graduates can do with a degree in history. Some of the potential job opportunities include an archivist, consultant, editor, information specialist or teacher. Depending on the area of study one wishes to focus on, the courses taken vary. Those who wish to practice or study law, business, and fundraising in the future most often undertake this major during their undergraduate years.

9. Computer Science
Not only did this major make the list of easiest degrees, but it was on CNBC's list of highest-paid bachelor's degrees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer scientists work to design new technology as well as improve upon existing technology. Students that may find this major easy will have exceptional skills in math, critical thinking, communication and ingenuity. Jobs that fall under this career path include software engineers, computer systems analysts and database administrators.

10. Philosophy
Those wishing to major in philosophy explore the moral and social issues surrounding our individual and social lives. Philosophies of the environment, racism and sexism as well as ancient philosophy may be a few typical courses within the major. Many who have a philosophy degree choose to teach.

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