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Top 10 least stressful careers

Top 10 least stressful careers

In today's fast-paced and busy world, it's almost impossible to completely avoid stress in day-to-day life, especially if one is trying to balance family and work while earning an online degree. However, there are certain career fields that give people less anxiety than others.

For those who are looking for a low-anxiety job that still pays well and works with their study efforts, take a look at these excellent career choices that could be the perfect fit for anyone's educational journey thus far:

1. University professor
With long breaks during the school year and most professors having a September to May schedule, there is plenty of time off for university professors. Although tenured professors may have some pressure to publish or write research or papers, they still typically have a cozy and laid-back atmosphere in which to work. There are also very few travel demands outside of a mandatory conference or two. With universities and colleges expanding, this is also a growing field that pays well.

2. Seamstress/tailor
For the most part, this job allows professionals to be the in-demand experts on how to get things done when it comes to sewing, making and repairing clothing. Many seamstresses and tailors can also set up their own hours, giving them a leisurely work pace.

3. Medical records technician
With an online health care management degree, students can enjoy a variety of health care jobs. However, the least stressful of these might be a medical records technician. Although this career pick requires a lot of precision and thought, the role allows people to work alone without a lot of supervision.

4. Jeweler
Again, this job allows people to have a lot of expertise in a subject without a extra or added stress. Many people who are shopping for jewelry are typically in happy and fantastic moods, so jewelers are often around a positive atmosphere.

5. Medical laboratory technician
This is a very important job that requires a lot of expertise, precision and skill, but people in this position often work on their own. This allows techs to become highly skilled in a medical field without a lot of supervision. By being out of the public eye, they can also work in productive atmospheres at their own pace.

6. Audiologist
Audiologists earn a nice salary, typically set their own hours and usually work on their own. They also get to become highly skilled. People who work in audio tend to love their line of work because many clients are passive.

7. Dietitian
In this role, students learn a lot about healing and helping people feel better without the added post-grad work. They are also becoming more in-demand because of America's continuing battle with obesity. Dietitians earn a competitive salary and enjoy a lot of freedom because they usually set their own appointments.

8. Hair stylists
Although hair stylists typically earn less money than the average person working in another career, they receive a lot of praise for their work, which allows them to be in one of the happiest jobs. They are also highly skilled and also get to set their own appointments, allowing for free time. One-on-one interaction with customers is also a big bonus for hair​ stylists.

9. Librarian
Depending on the school or library, this role can fluctuate when it comes to salary. However, for the most part, librarians work great hours, get to be in a calm, peaceful and stable environment and become very skilled in their job.

10. Drill press operator
Although it is a heavy industrial job with machinery that echoes the assembly line, this career has very little danger and allows people to work at their own pace. Because of this, being a drill press operator is often one of the most desirable paths in manufacturing.

Although low-stress jobs don't come in one-size-fits-all packages, it's important to know which careers are going to work for certain lifestyles. Factors like deadlines, competitiveness, physical demand, travel and encounters with the public can also increase or decrease levels of stress at work.

As students earn their online degrees, they can become more aware of the stress levels they might encounter while on the job. Remember, if a career is causing too much anxiety, it's never too late to make a change and go back to school.

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