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Top 10 Future-Proof Degrees for 2014

Top 10 Future-Proof Degrees for 2014

Top 10 Future-Proof Degrees for 2014

It’s no secret that times are hard right now in all walks of professional life. The economy is struggling and commercial budgets are tight. However in good times and in bad, there are always commercial sectors suffering a shortage of candidates for recruitment. When things are as tough as they are right now, it makes sense to choose a university or college degree that gives you the advantage of being a new fish in a depleted pool.

To help you in your choice of education, here’s a list of the top 10 degrees that will get you into a career market where employers are eager for fresh talent.

#1 Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

Money does make the world go around, even when the fiscal climate is as cool as it is today. In fact if anything, businesses rely more on financially adept professionals to help keep costs under control. Hence the number one degree for 2014 and beyond is a bachelor’s degree in finance.

#2 Computer Science

As more and more commercial organizations start to utilize big data to help make decisions, so the demand for IT professionals continues to burgeon. Whether you attain an associate’s degree or go all out for a master’s degree, computer science is a subject that should definitely make your shortlist of education possibilities.

#3 Healthcare Administration

With healthcare in the USA under reform and evolving towards more patient-centric and integrated services, medical professionals have fallen into short supply. This applies as much to administration specialists as to physicians and healthcare IT. If you graduate from College or university with a bachelor’s in healthcare administration, you need have no doubt that you are entering a market that needs you.

#4 Bachelor’s in Marketing

A bachelor’s in marketing is another qualification which actually grows in demand during hard economic times. Business becomes more competitive as commercial enterprises struggle to stay afloat. That means that while marketing budgets may be tight, employers need people who can take a creative approach to putting their products or services into the sights of consumers.

#5 Business Administration

A bachelor’s in business administration is a perennial favorite in the jobs market at home and worldwide. If money makes the world go around, business makes the money to do it. Today and in the future, graduates with business administration degrees can commence a job search in the industry of their choosing. The key is to select the industry that will be right for you.

#6 Bachelor’s in Accounting

While finance graduates might have a broader range of careers to choose from, you could do a lot worse than graduate with a bachelor’s or even an associate’s degree in accounting. In an age where financial processes are becoming ever more complex and bound by regulations, advanced accounting skills are in high demand among employers.

#7 Bioinformatics Degree

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in bioinformatics may be a lower entry into the top 10 degrees for 2014 and beyond, however this is a degree with fast growing popularity among healthcare recruiters. With the shortage in healthcare staff expected to intensify at least into 2020, one of the specialized areas where hospitals struggle to fill appointments is that of bioinformatics. Naturally this is an academic qualification which opens up a narrow range of career options, but your employability within the niche is assured.

#8 IT Security Degree

IT security as a career is a relatively new development which is maturing rapidly and where job openings look set to grow exponentially in the next few years. The world is moving into an era where data is everything and that means a huge demand for people who specialize in protecting it. If you’re looking for an IT career with a high entry-level salary, get a bachelor’s in IT security.

#9 Human Resources

A bachelor’s in HR will open up plenty of job options in the next few years. Every business, non-profit organization, government agency and institution needs people who specialize in people. An HR qualification is one of those which can put you in the frame for a very wide variety of jobs.

#10 Education Administration

Projections for 2018 suggest that education will be second only to the healthcare in professional fields with the most serious staff shortages. A bachelor’s in education administration will ready you to take advantage of a jobs market where employers will fall over themselves to get you on board.

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