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Career Spotlight: Career Options for Web Design Majors

Career Spotlight: Career Options for Web Design Majors

Career Spotlight:  Career Options for Web Design Majors

A web design major can be a particularly good choice if you plan to study at an online college, since just about every study activity will require you to access the web. Of course there is also no reason at all why you can’t choose to go to a traditional college or university and spend your study time on campus. In case you like the idea of choosing a web design major, but don’t necessarily want to work as a designer, here are some details of possible career alternatives you could consider.

Web Designer

Of course it’s always possible that you do want to be a web designer. After all, here is a career where you can choose right at the start whether you want to work for someone else or set out on your own. Many companies hire web designers and with your associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in web design under your belt, you will be a prime candidate for taking care of any organization’s website construction, upkeep and maintenance.

On the other hand, you might prefer to sell your creative skills to the highest bidders as a freelance web designer. Once you’ve earned your college degree you don’t need to spend too much money to set yourself up. Then you can choose the hours you work and the clients you work for. Remember though that there are plenty of other web designers out there – So be prepared to work hard on marketing as well as improving your skills.

Agency Creative Director

As an alternative to actively seeking web design work, you could instead utilize your bachelor’s degree to seek work in an advertising agency as a creative director. Agencies increasingly look for web design experience in candidates when hiring for this position. As a creative director you will be responsible for overseeing a team of advertising copywriters and graphic designers. Even more importantly, you will be the one to develop advertising campaigns for the agency’s clients.

This role can be something of a rollercoaster ride. When an ad campaign is successful, you will be able to bask in the glory. Conversely, if a campaign does not go so well, your employer and the client will look to you for the answers as to why. However, as your experience grows, so will the success of your campaigns, ultimately making for a secure and rewarding career.

Web Developer

While a web designer is mostly concerned with the creative element of website building, a web developer is focused more on making websites effective through clean layout, enhanced functionality and ease of use for end users. Similarly to a web designer, a developer might work for a mid to large sized company or may also prefer to work as a freelancer.

If you work as a web developer, you can expect to build websites from the ground up, test them and continually work on their improvement. Your colleagues are likely to be copywriters and web designers.You’ll work closely with these people to create web pages and content that will have the power to attract visitors to your client’s or employer’s business or ecommerce sites.

Usability Specialist

Your knowledge of web design may give you eligibility for a job as a usability specialist. This job is concerned with making products usable and accessible for those who want or need them. Usability specialists are employed by software companies developing online or desktop based applications as well as product manufacturers, who require experts to make sure their physical products receive popularity among buyers.

If you decide to embark upon a career as a usability specialist, you might get employed by a company that produces specific products or alternatively by a consulting firm. If you work as a consultant, you will find yourself helping many different companies with their product’s usability and accessibility challenges.


If you aren’t risk averse, perhaps you’re considering not working for any employer when you graduate with your bachelor’s or master’s degree in web design. Instead you might already have a bright business idea and are planning to use web design skills to help get it off the ground. In this case, all you need are the ideas and the will to succeed – And perhaps some sponsors or investment funds.

Whatever your planned venture, a college or university degree will help you to improve your business skills and knowledge. Majoring in web design will be a huge benefit in launching your business, since an online presence is pretty much essential for the success of any new business today.

The database has details of hundreds of institutions offering web design degree programs. You’re sure to find a suitable program, whether you plan to study on campus or through an online college.

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