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Career Spotlight: Career Options for Multimedia Design Majors

Career Spotlight: Career Options for Multimedia Design Majors

Career Spotlight: Career Options for Multimedia Design Majors

If you’d like a career creating web pages, marketing collateral, internet content, advertising, instructional material or working on multimedia projects, you’ll learn everything you need to do that with a major in multimedia design. This is a particularly good degree to embark upon if you prefer to study through an online college, although you will also have no problem finding a university or college offering this major as part of an on-campus degree program.

Once you graduate with a college degree in multimedia design, you will find there is a wide diversity of career options open to you, a few of which are listed here to give you some ideas.

Digital Video Producer

As a digital video producer, you will really be able to build on the skills gained during your multimedia design degree program. You might work in news reporting, TV, the movies or advertising. Alternatively you could be employed within a non-media commercial sector, creating digital video for promotional or other purposes. In this role, you will be combining art with science to create engaging video content that will hold viewers’ attention. You’ll spend a lot of time operating digital camera equipment and will need to be knowledgeable in lighting, sound and editing techniques.

Web Developer

A web developer is focused on creating effective websites that have clean layouts, rich functionality and are simple for end users to navigate. Web developers might work for mid to large sized companies or may also work for themselves as freelancers. Multimedia design is a core requirement for creating web sites, so a degree in this subject should help you greatly in securing a developer’s job.

If you work as a web developer, you can expect to build websites from the ground up, test them and continually work on their improvement. You’ll work closely with designers and copywriters to create web pages and content that will have the power to attract visitors to your client’s or employer’s business or ecommerce sites.

Art Director

An art director’s role is a very senior job and you will need to impress your potential employer mightily if you are to land this position without a few years of experience as a graphic designer or similar. However, the position is well paid and isn’t lacking in job satisfaction or stimulation. A university or college degree in multimedia design should suffice to provide evidence of the necessary creative acumen for a role like this. You will need really strong management skills though, as well as an aptitude for bringing out the best in other people’s creativity.

An art designer manages a team of graphic designers, photographers, artists or other professionals with creative talent. Your own design skills won’t be so important but you must be able to inspire and motivate others. As an art director, you are likely to work for a media organization, which may specialize in newspapers or magazines as well as video production.

Digital Media Designer

With a bachelor’s degree in multimedia design, you can enter a career as a digital media designer in one of many different industry sectors. Entertainment, advertising, news media, and education are just a few examples of fields in which you can work. In a position of this nature, your job will be to create 3D animations, special effects, video games or even movies. You will find yourself working with graphics, models and images that will test your multimedia design skills and stretch you to improve.

The portfolio of work created during your college degree program will assist you greatly in your search for employment as a digital media designer. This is one field in which your degree studies are translated directly into proof of your abilities, rather than mere evidence.


There was a time when being an animator meant you had to be great at creative drawing. Today though, with a major in multimedia design and good design software skills, you might never pick up a pencil and paper. Instead you will create moving images with the use of powerful technology, capable of making animated objects appear more real than the real thing.

Whether you work for a video game publisher or an animated movie studio, you will need to have a high degree of creativity, even if you’re not great at sketching. Your work will involve putting storyboards together as well as creating animations

If you’re searching for a university or college at which to study for a master’s degree, bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree in multimedia design, you’ll find plenty from which to choose on the extensive database at Why not visit the site and take a look?

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