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Career Spotlight: Career Options for Fashion Design Majors

Career Spotlight: Career Options for Fashion Design Majors

Career Spotlight:  Career Options for Fashion Design Majors

There are plenty of employment opportunities for someone with a deep knowledge of the fashion industry. You can major in fashion design through an online college or attend a traditional university or college. You will learn how to use artistic techniques in the design of apparel and accessories for men, women and children. As well as traditional design methods, you will gain knowledge about using the most up-to-date computer-assisted design approaches to conceptualizing and realizing your own unique fashion creations.

Once you attain your college degree in fashion design, you can go on to seek employment in one of the following careers.

Fashion Designer

If you are good at what you do, a career as a fashion designer can be as illustrious as they come. However you will need more than just an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree and a passion for fashion. You will need to identify the market segment you want to work in and then work hard to convince an employer that your designs will sell.

Once employed, you will need to employ business as well as design skills to your new role. Your employer will need estimated production costs for each design that goes to market. You will be responsible for promoting your designs to retailers via sales meetings and fashion shows. Of course you will also get to do the one thing you love on a regular basis, taking your ideas and watching them transformed into something that can be touched, seen and worn.

Costume Designer

Perhaps you would rather see your fashion designs on the movie set instead of the runway. If so, you might consider taking what you learned from your fashion design major into the world of film and theatre. Costume designers create clothes that will be worn by few, but seen by thousands. Costume design is a field in which you can specialize. Perhaps you will recreate the apparel worn thousands of years ago as a historic costume designer. Alternatively you might create outlandish and futuristic clothing for use on the set of science fiction TV shows or films. Whatever your preference, you will surely find great satisfaction in seeing your costumes on the stage or screen, knowing that they are being showcased in front of a global audience.

Fashion Merchandiser

With a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in fashion design, you might choose to use your eye for attractive apparel to make judgments on the designs of others, rather than create your own. In this case you can embark on a career as a fashion merchandizer. This position will be based in the offices of a clothes retail chain or department store, where you will make the decisions about what clothes designs to buy and sell. You will need to build your knowledge of fashion trends and learn to identify what will be popular with consumers.

In a role as a fashion merchandiser, you will need to develop strategies to sell fashion items and put together attractive store displays that will catch the eyes of the casual, as well as the purposeful shopper. You will also be likely to get involved in decisions about promotions and advertising campaigns.

Textile Designer

Perhaps you’d like to employ your design talents at the true source of the fashion creation process. As a textile designer you will create the very materials from which all the great fashion houses create their wonders. A major factor in textile design is the way in which colors work together, so you will need to be well-versed in color theory.

You might work directly for a company that produces clothing or soft furnishings, designing the textiles they use to create their products. However many textile designers choose to work for themselves as freelancers.

Department Store buyer

You will need to know your fashion if you want to be a fashion buyer for a department store. That’s why these stores look for applicants with a degree in fashion design when recruiting buyers. As a fashion buyer, you will need to match fashion designs with the demographics of your employer’s customers to determine what products will sell well in the clothing department. You will need to develop strong negotiation and interpersonal skills to complement your eye for design. Being a buyer is all about negotiating contracts at the best possible price with your department store suppliers.

Whether you use your major in fashion design to follow in the footsteps of great fashion entrepreneurs or just wish to know how the fashion industry works, the first step is to find a school offering a great program. Why not start your search by browsing the database at  There you are sure to find a suitable college, university or online college at which to enroll for your two or four year fashion design major.

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